Probus PE1BL In-Ear Super Bass Headphones - Black

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Probus PE1BL In-Ear Headphones with Super Bass And Clear Treble Earphones – Black

Probus brings a great earphone for heavy bass and vocal songs listeners in one product. You can enjoy wide range of genres with Probus PE1BL earphone. It has a metal body, and processed with vacuum sputtering method for great feel and uniform texture. 11.5mm driver speakers are used to combine the effect of heavy bass and high treble sound. It comes with flat cable for easy use, and is tangle free. Wire is made of 99.9% pure copper for optimum performance. Probus earphone pouch is also included in sales package to carry earphone with you.

Property Types
  • 20Hz to 20K Hz Frequency Range
  • Black Colour
  • 11.5 mm Driver Size
  • 120 cm Cable Length

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