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Car Mount
    • Easy One Touch Mounting: Probus car mount comes with easy one touch mounting system, which locks your phone when you place your phone mount.
    • Easy Access Design: Probus car mount comes with easy access design to charging and 3.5 mm jack. Other car mounts come with support at bottom which is not much friendly for charging or using AUX pin in phone.
    • Elongated Neck: You can extend the neck up to 4.5 cm for easy operations while driving the car.
    • 360 Degree Rotating Head: Car mount head can rotate 360 degree, and you can set your phone vertical or horizontal as per your requirement.
    • Super Sticky Gel: It comes with super sticky gel to stick car mount securely on glass, dashboard (even on textured surface). It also has vacuum locking lever for better suction on different surfaces.